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Installing a Fabtech 6″ Suspension Lift on a 1995-03 Toyota Tacoma

So you wanna install a Fabtech 6″ suspension lift on your first generation Toyota Tacoma? You’ve come to the right place. I apologize in advance if you’re looking for advice on what type of lift to buy for your Toyota Tacoma because this site is here to serve two purposes:

  1. Assist you with the installation of a Fabtech 6″ suspension lift, and
  2. Help you make the decision of whether or not you’ll be able to install this kit yourself (installing the kit yourself should save you about $500-$800)

For those of you who have bought the kit and installed it yourselves (or attempted to install it), you’re probably wondering what that person at Fabtech thinking when they wrote those installation instructions. (No offense, Fabtech, but they were horrible.) This was the most complicated IFS lift I’ve ever installed and I have the instructions to blame it on. They absolutely sucked! Sure, Fabtech has telephone technical support if you have problems during the install, but they close on Friday evening and don’t reopen until Monday morning! What’s the deal with that? I believe most people work on their trucks during this time because it’s the WEEKEND!

So the point I want to make is unless you know the underside of your Tacoma from bumper to bumper, then you’re going to have a horrible time installing this suspension lift. But if you use the information I’ve provided here, then I GUARANTEE you’ll have this kit installed faster and with a LOT more confidence than going at it with Fabtech’s instructions alone.

If the information you find here is helpful, then please let other Tacoma owners know about it by linking to my site so others can easily find it. This information is provided at no expense to the offroad community so I’m asking a couple favors from my visitors:

  1. Please don’t take any of my content (text, images) and use it on your own site. Everything here is original (that means it’s mine). Just link to me instead.
  2. If you’ve found any part of this write-up useful, then please post links to it either from your own web site or from the forums that you post messages at.

If you feel extra generous with all the money I’ve helped you save, then you can always buy me something from my Amazon Wishlist :-)

I recommend reading all the information provided here before proceeding with the installation of your own Fabtech suspension lift.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Don’t hold me responsible if you don’t have the same outcome as I did by following my instructions. My instructions are here for help only. Fabtech Motorsports didn’t pay nor authorize me to publish this information. Again, IT IS STRICTLY FOR HELP ONLY. If you know of easier ways to get through some of the steps, then do as you wish, but please think of the rest of us and consider sharing your idea by emailing it to me so I can post it for others to read. If you have any questions about anything, I’ll do my best to answer them. Email me at dorianj AT gmail DOT com and put the words ‘TOYOTA TACOMA’ in the subject line otherwise I may not receive it.