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Disconnect the Driveshaft

13aYou shouldn’t have to be told where this is. It’s held on by four bolts (yellow arrows). Don’t let the driveshaft hang freely. Let it rest in the frame pocket of the driver side sway bar mount. Look around, you’ll find it.

Before I removed the bolts, I used the Sharpie pen to mark the differential pinion yoke and the driveshaft mounting flange to ensure that the driveshaft will be bolted back into the exact factory location. I doubt this is necessary, but I did it just in case these driveshafts are balanced in a specific position relative to the pinion yoke (and because I’m anal like that).

Take the nuts, bolts, and washers and put them in a zip-loc bag and label it ‘DRIVESHAFT’. Put the bag in a in a safe place because you will reuse these parts for reassembly.

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