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Install the Add-a-Leafs

Locate an add-a-leaf spring and a new spring centering bolt. You now need to reassemble the leaf spring pack with the additional add-a-leaf. The spring pack should form an inverted pyramid with the smallest leaf on the bottom and the longest on top. The flat overload leaf will remain at the very bottom.

45aYou need to insert the bolt through the holes on all the leafs coming through from the bottom. Therefore the centering bolt head will be at the bottom and the threads will be at the top. This may be a bit tricky to do so it may help to grind the centering bolt’s threads to an angle (see photo). That way it can be “threaded” through the leafs. It may be necessary to lightly tap it through the holes, but take care not to damage the threads. If excessive force is required to get it through the holes, then you may need to put some elbow grease into it and try aligning the leafs up as best as possible before putting the centering bolt through. The most important thing you want to avoid is damaging the threads.

45bOnce you’ve made it through and have access to the threads, use a deep-wall socket to tighten the nut on. Try to tighten the nut on without stopping – just run the wratchet in full circles. This will keep the leafs “in motion” while they’re tightening together which in turn will produce less friction and lessen the chance of damaging the threads.

45cNext you’ll want to cut off the excess bolt threads. Cut them flush with the top of the nut or as close as possible.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT USE A TOOL THAT WILL CAUSE SPARKS WHEN DOING THIS! Use a hack saw instead. The fuel tank is less than two feet away. Understand the risk of sparks.

It would be a pity to blow yourself up when you’re this close to finishing the lift. Just a pity.

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