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Install the Brake Line (and ABS) Brackets

31aThis step involves drilling into the frame. The exact location is hard to describe so look at the picture taken from the passenger side and note the hole (yellow arrow). Fabtech includes 5/16″ self-tapping bolts for drilling through the frame. Good luck. This area of the frame (at least on my Tacoma) was too thick to be penetrated by some wussy self-tapping bolts so I used a 9/32″ drill bit and a 5/16″ tap to thread it. This solution worked.

31bLocate the supplied FTS70022 bracket. It’s silver and shaped like an ‘L’. You’ll also need a 5/16″ bolt, adel clamp, and a 1/4″ nut, bolt, and washer. Attach the bracket to the frame using the 5/16″ bolt (with Lock tite) and then attach the lines to the bracket using the rest of the hardware. Your setup should look similar to the picture when you’re finished.

After you’ve done both sides, you can install the brake rotors, calipers, and bearing dust covers. If the truck is equipped with ABS, reinstall the factory ABS sensor into the Fabtech knuckle. If the truck does not have ABS, locate the supplied ABS caps and attach them to the knuckle with 6mm bolts and split washers. They are the tear-drop shaped plastic pieces.

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