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Install the Differential

IMPORTANT: From this point on, if you follow Fabtech’s instructions for reassembling the front, then you will be one angry, pissed off person. Their numbered instructions are OUT OF SEQUENCE and had me reassembling the steering system before the lower control arms were installed. This added over two hours to the installation time because I couldn’t get anything to fit! Eventually, I had to pull everything off to make room for other parts to be installed (and I had nothing but anger and frustration to assist me along the way). DAMN YOU, FABTECH!!!

Anyway, let’s continue…

18aSupport the differential with a floor jack (or get your strong buddy to lift it in place). Locate the zip-loc bag labeled ‘DIFFERENTIAL’. Install the differential’s rear mount onto the Fabtech crossmember using the factory hardware. This picture is a view from the the passenger side. The yellow arrow points to the location of the differential’s rear mount, but in order to see and access it, you need to be under the truck. Also notice that the rear crossmember bolts are still loose.

Keep the floor jack under the differential.

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