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Install the Impact Struts

Locate the impact strut tubes, bushings, and bushing sleeves. Install the bushings into the impact strut tubes and then press the sleeves into the bushings. This step is easy if you use WD40 or another lubricant.

Install one end of the impact strut to the rear Fabtech crossmember with the supplied 3/8″ x 3″ bolts, nuts, and washers. Install the other end onto the impact strut mount on the transmission crossmember. This step won’t be easy because the bushings are not very flexible, but now you’ll understand why I told you to leave the impact strut mount loose.

37aThe impact strut mounts will look like this once the impact struts are installed. You may notice that the impact strut mount has a noticeable angle (dotted red line) because the three bolts that hold it in place are loose.

To correct this you must tighten the vertical 3″ bolt (yellow arrow) first and then tighten the two crossmember bolts (red arrow) second. If you attempt to tighten the crossmember bolts first, then you will bend the impact strut mount. Torque all three bolts to 30 foot-pounds.

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