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Install the Wheels and Tires


The lift is done, but before you can go driving, it is 100% mandatory that you get the front end aligned. Both front tires will be facing outward in an unsafe position. Provided you keep the truck at about 30mph or less, you will be able to drive it to a shop for an alignment. In fact, it may be a good idea to anticipate when you’ll complete the lift so you can call the alignment shop for an appointment ahead of time.

I installed 315/75R16 tires on 16×8 rims. These tires are approximately 35″ tall. The truck definitely needs to be regeared because it’s quite gutless now. I have the 3.4L V6, but that doesn’t seem to matter. I haven’t done the math, but I think I’ll need some 4.88 or maybe 5.12 gears to totally compensate for the tires. I’ll need to run the numbers because the cost of a front and rear gear swap may be close to that of a TRD supercharger. I have a TRD supercharger on my 4Runner and it’s great. I’ve never regretted getting it so maybe one of those could compensate for the tires in lieu of a gear swap. We’ll see.

Here are some pix of what the truck looks like now. I’m very glad with how it all turned out.

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