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Install the Upper Ball Joints

28aThis step was a huge pain in the ass because Fabtech didn’t fully “machine” the area where the ball joint presses through. I’ve marked the area with yellow arrows. This region should have been machined to 90° squared edges, but instead they were round and therefore the ball joint couldn’t be fully pressed through! Kinda ridiculous if I may say so.

I finally gave up when the c-clamp part of the press bent because I was using a 2-foot cheater bar to tighten it!.

28bI eventually had to grind down the edges of the ball joints in order for them to fit through. This time, the press was able to squeeze them through so I know for a fact this was a manufacturing error.

One other fault of Fabtech’s: the knuckles were not primed before painting so the paint on the knuckles flakes off very easily. Look at the first picture above and you’ll see areas all over that are missing paint. Part of this was due to the packaging that this kit came in. The packaging leaves a lot to be said. Sure, the boxes look nice on the outside, but by judging how the inside looks, one could say that Fabtech hired a blind guy to be in charge of QC for the packaging department. The stuff was strewn about in a mishmash with minimal packing material.

UPDATE: November 9, 2006 – The paint has severely flaked off the knuckles and there’s a lot of surface rust.

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