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Modify the Front Brake Lines

30aThe rubber brake line is welded to the frame via a metal tab. This tab is located just below the upper control arm (yellow arrow). Use a sawzall or die grinder to cut it off (in the general area of the yellow dotted line). Fabtech says to remove the tab from the brake line, however that was impossible to do so I left them.

The red arrows point to the ABS line and one of the ABS mounting brackets. If your vehicle is equipped with ABS, then you’ll need to re-route the ABS lines also. This is done easiest by removing the mounting brackets from the frame and the ABS lines from the brackets. Because not all vehicles will have brackets and mounting points in the same place, I’ll let you use your common sense and decide how many you’ll remove and what path you’ll route them.

IMPORTANT: In lieu of doing this step, you may prefer to buy Toyota Tacoma extended length brake lines which would certainly be a cleaner and easier installation.

These pictures show the driver side brake line after modification. It’s difficult to explain the process of how to bend and re-route it, but if you take a good look at the photo you’ll get an idea of how it’s done. You will need to loosen the nut where the steel line meets the brass union box (yellow arrow). Just remember to bend the lines cautiously. Don’t bend them at sharp 90° angles or they will kink and be permanently damaged.


These pictures show the passenger side brake line after modification. You can also see the ABS line (yellow arrow). It has been wrapped in a split-wire loom purchased from a stereo shop. I’ll explain more about this later.


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