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Press the Bearings Into the Knuckles (Part 1)

26aBefore we begin, I had to include a photo of the Fabtech steering knuckle next to the factory Toyota steering knuckle. The Fabtech part is on the left, and in case you have really bad eyes, it appears to be a bit stronger than the factory part! In fact, if the two knuckles were to get in a fight, I’d bet my last dollar on the Fabtech.

26bBefore you can press the new bearing in, you need to remove ONE old bearing from ONE of the factory knuckles. We only need one. Both factory knuckles should still have the complete outer race and half of the inner race still intact (because the other half of the inner race was stuck to the hub when you pressed it out). This picture shows a knuckle with what’s left of the bearing.

26cI then cut a chunk of 1/2″ steel to fit down inside so it could be pressed out. Be sure to make this piece of steel as wide as possible because the idea is to press the bearing on its outer edges. If you try pressing on the center race, it will probably break through. That’s not a bad thing, but what we need is the outer race.

26dThis is what the bearing will look like once it’s removed. You’ll notice it’s missing one of the inner races because it stuck to the hub shaft when it was pressed out.

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