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Remove the Shocks

The shocks (actually struts) are held onto the vehicle with four bolts: three on the top and one on the lower control arm. A picture is not necessary to point them out because they are easy to find. Besides, I forgot to take one!

Before removing the nuts and bolts, take a look at the bolts on top of the shock. You will see four of them: one at dead center and three along the perimeter. Do not remove the one that is in the center. This will disassemble the coil-over assembly (and probably rocket that nut through the wheel well). Remove the three along the perimeter and the big one on the lower control arm.

Once the shocks are removed, set them aside for disassembly later. Take the nuts and bolts and put them in a zip-loc bag and label it ‘FRONT SHOCKS’. Put the bag in a in a safe place because you will reuse all these parts for reassembly.

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