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Remove the Steering Rack

11aThis piece is the long silver tube that runs the width of the chassis with black dust boots on the end, etc. It is held in place with four bolts: one on the driver side, one in the center, and two on the passenger side (yellow arrows). When you remove them, you’ll need to put a jack stand under the passenger side to hold it up. The driver side will be temporarily held in place by the power steering lines, though it will be necessary to use a bungee cord and tie it up to the frame so it won’t interfere with cutting the crossmember.

Follow the power steering lines from the rack and pinion assembly along the frame. There will be a bracket that secures the lines to the frame. Remove it, then follow the lines further up. There will be another bracket. Remove it. This will allow some slack to move the rack and pinion assembly out of the way.

Take the washer from the driver side mounting bolt, the center bolt, and the power steering brackets and put them in a zip-loc bag and label it ‘POWER STEERING RACK’. Put the bag in a in a safe place because you will reuse these parts for reassembly.

IMPORTANT! The steering wheel is now completely detached from any linkage. Resist the urge to steer it from side to side. If you steer it too far, the wire harness inside the steering wheel will get snapped.

The bad news: It costs about $200 for a new one!

The good news: It’s not necessary to buy a new one as long as you don’t care that your horn, blinkers, and cruise control no longer work!

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