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Reposition the Power Steering Line Bracket

33aIn step 10, we removed the rack and pinion assembly and in order to make the job easier, we also removed some brackets that attached the power steering lines to the frame. One of those brackets got flipped and reinstalled in our last step. Now it’s time to reinstall the other one but in a much different location.

In step 18, we installed the front crossmember with some 1/2″ x 5.5″ bolts, locknuts, and washers AND a single 1/2″ short nut vertically into the front factory crossmember. You should not have installed one of the locknuts, or if you did, remove it from the driver side bolt now. Locate the power steering line bracket, somewhere near the driver side of the crossmember. You’ll need to remove the bracket and drill out the mounting hole to 1/2″. Then reattach the bracket to the power steering lines and attach the bracket to the top of the 1/2″ x 5.5″ bolt and secure it in place with a locknut (yellow arrow).

Be patient when doing this step. It may require some fancy finger work to get everything lined up and will definitely be more difficult for people with larger hands. The bracket will not fit perfectly around the power steering lines because it wasn’t designed to be installed in this location so your main objective is just to get the lines secured tight as best as you can. The picture shows what it should look like when finished.

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